It’s all about “Post-” and “De-“: Some (Dis-)entanglements of Post- and Decolonialism and Postdevelopment

by Julia Schöneberg

Starting to read about critical perspectives towards “development” you will soon encounter post- and decolonial literature and arguments, popping up regularly as catchwords. Both are not homogenous streams of thought, but rather certain standpoints from which “development”, capitalism, Eurocentrism, Anthropocentrism and the ongoing legacies of colonialism are critiqued and contested.

Then, you may notice that likewise postdevelopment (PD) comes with a “post-“ prefix. How to make sense of all the “post” and “de”? How do they all connect?

You’re confused? Fret not and look no further, here’s a zine for you!

Print it, fold it, read it, share it!

Do you want to read up on postdevelopment first? Here’s a zine with a very, very brief introduction.

You’re still confused, because this is the first zine crossing your path?

As you know, the aim of the Convivial Thinking Collective is to push boundaries of traditional, oftentimes restrictive, forms of knowledge production and sharing.

Pushing these boundaries sometimes means experimenting and one result of  these experiments are our zines. Zines are self-published, non-commercial, low-cost little booklets that can easily be reproduced and shared. If you will, this is a small scale protest to the monopoly of academic publishers and the exclusionary structures of publishing, knowledge production and dissemination.

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