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Call for Contributions

Decolonial Subversions

It is not difficult to view our current historical period as a time of crisis, of a deep dissolution of humanity in the widespread colonial domination of social and environmental landscapes. It is this “haunting ghost” of coloniality, “alive in the control of economies and control of authority” that has become a grim reality in our current era. Coloniality is not a remnant of a bygone era; it exists as a matrix of global power manifested in the continued settlement of lands, the cultural eradication of communities and their traditions and knowledges by those in positions of institutional power, a global economy “hooked on the promise of endless extraction of natural resources,”  the oversight and regulation of mindbodies also manifested in the fortification of borders and boundaries, and the denial of basic human rights from those most vulnerable in the world.

Deadline for contributions: 14 April 2023

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Call for Contributions

Volume 31, Issue 2&3: Decolonising Knowledge and Practice

The history of knowledge production and dissemination cannot be understood outside of the history of colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism that in turn underpin current neoliberal frameworks and institutions. Knowledge production is a process that entails power and is historically full of examples of colonial extraction and appropriation of knowledge systems from indigenous communities Furthermore, in the current global political context, which is marked by increasing right-wing extremism, the discourse of decolonising knowledge and practice is being steadily co-opted and instrumentalised to serve majoritarian agendas. All these factors have made addressing the theme of decolonisation even more urgent.

This issue of Gender & Development will examine the colonial and patriarchal power dynamics that undergird our knowledge and research institutions, publishing realm, development policy and practice and our everyday lives. We invite research articles, shorter practice-based essays as well as critical and innovative methodologies in the ‘global South’ and ‘North’ which could include photo-essays, illustrations, short audio and video submissions, as well as poetry and stories that offer a feminist decolonial/post-colonial analysis of these institutions and practices and propose creative solutions or ways ahead to tackle institutionalised colonialism, casteism, racism and patriarchy in knowledge production, dissemination and practice.

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Deadline for submission of abstracts/proposals: 15 January 2023


Call for Contributions

Corinna Land and Sebastian Garbe are currently editing a special issue at Current Sociology called “Struggles for Hope: Negotiating Future(s) in Times of Global Crises” and want to open the call for colleagues from the Global South who are working on the topic and could submit an article by the middle of next year.
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