Scars and Scratches

The project “Scars and Scratches” was conceived in 2020 by three people from India, belonging to three different walks of life. The people are Soumali Roy, who is a home tutor and deeply engages with creative aspects like waste-craft, weaving, and painting; Amit Singh, who recently completed his high school and is an aspiring fashion designer; and Sayan Dey, who consistently oscillates between the hardcore academic and the free-flowing creative space.

The purpose of building this project is to bypass the suffocating parameters of academic publishing and generate a warm and welcoming space of caring and sharing, through a set of visual narratives (accompanied by short descriptions) that would unpack existential narratives of painful existential challenges: queerness, motherhood, feminine being, caste hierarchies, gender-biases, toxic masculinities, urban dreams, and many more.