Decolonial Subversions

Decolonial Subversions is a new open access (free-of-charge) peer-reviewed, multilingual publishing platform committed to decentring western epistemology. It was launched on 30 March 2020 through an engaging livestreamed event that brought together viewers and speakers from across the world.

The platform was established by the Founding Editors, Dr. Romina Istratii and Monika Hirmer, both currently at SOAS University of London, and previous editors of Decolonisation in Praxis. The founders have established this innovative platform with the specialised help of an international team of academics, activists and practitioners spread over 12 countries and motivated by the shared vision to practically contribute to a fairer and radically decolonial knowledge landscape in a collaborative and decentralised manner.

The platform operates under fundamental principles outlined in its Manifesto. In its commitment to overcome material and normative barriers that perpetuate the hegemony of western epistemology and other asymmetries in knowledge production and publishing, the platform publishes audio, visual and written content in the mother tongue of the contributors, in addition to English, stipulates that contributors substantially reference non-western and female authors, foregoes west-centric style prescriptions, and is published open access without charging fees. In addition, it encourages an open peer-review process, ensures that submissions are reviewed by at least one non-western reviewer, and commits to a revolutionary rotational editorship involving partners in non-Anglophone parts of the world. Find out how you can contribute or become involved here.

Decolonial Subversions can be followed via its page and Twitter profile.

Decolonial Subversions also publishes timely video material on its YouTube channel.